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Pre-Loading Cargo Condition Survey

Preloading Survey to assessment and check/inspection and survelliance of ship’s holds prior to loading commencement in order to determine their cleanliness, fitness and suitability to receive the intended goods. Preloading inspection of the carrying vessel from point of cargo-worthiness, particularly including cargo holds and hatch-covers, to attend hose-test, or ultrasonic tests and/or double bottom pressure test and/or bilge suction test where applicable. Silver nitrate tests to hold constructions, hatch-covers before loading Preloading Survey to assessment and check and outer visual inspection of items taking notice as to the damages and/or abnormalies if any before loading.

PRELOADING supervision of stowing and securing operations on board taking notice as to be place, way and means used.Full description of procedures and immediate notification in the event of any negligence as to the lashing Whether the cargo should be inspected on the quay/berthing yard just before loading or in the transit shed or elsewhere prior to ship’s arrival etc. The nature of the cargo and time factor will probably determine this. In many cases the owners, charterer or ship’s agent will not know where the cargo is stored in the port or when it is to be delivered. In this case OMEGA’s surveyors should be instructed to survey all of cargo to be loaded as near to the sime of shipment as possible.

If required, to attend weigh-bridge of the loading port and to perform tally during loading if specifically required, also to attend whole course of loading in respect of above items, during which, to observe / note general condition of the cargo and to report loaded quantity figures. Preloading Survey to assessment and check and counting/tally of quantity items loaded to be checked against the packing list

If required, particularly to report stowage findings per lot / sort of the products / per ship’s hold upon completion along with specific stowage diagrams prepared by our surveyors, if needed, also photographs, cargo documents, ship’s certificates, etc. Information to be given to Master before the signing of the mate’s receipts and whether OMEGA SURVEYOR’s surveyors should formulate suitable clauses relating to any damage. usually OMEGA’s surveyors should be instructed to be present when the master signs the shipping documents.At the time of inspection, OMEGA’s surveyors can assist with any language problems and any disputes with shippers, agents or charterers in the clausing of mate’s receipts and / or bill of lading To protect principals’ interests such as issuing without prejudice Letter of Protest and/or Recommendation against counter parties where a significant failure or irregularity observed prior to or during loading operation.